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Criminal Defense Lawyers New York

New York City Criminal Defense Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights

Criminal charges seriously jeopardize your quality of life. You may lose your job, face a sentence of several years, and have your reputation ruined among your family and friends. To experience these consequences, however, you only have to be accused of a crime. Most people will react negatively to a mere accusation, even though you might not be the person who actually committed it.

If you are facing even minor criminal charges in New York City, it's important to protect your rights. Attorneys Morton & Eric Buckvar possess more than 50 years of combined experience successfully handling criminal defense cases. We can help you develop the most effective strategies for reducing the charges you face, or have them dismissed entirely.

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New York City Criminal Defense Lawyers

We can help you with just about any criminal charges you might be facing, which include:

  • DUI charges
  • Drug possession
  • Juvenile crime
  • Sex offenses
  • Assault charges
  • White collar crime
  • Expungements & appeals
  • Internet criminal charges
  • Traffic violations
  • Burglary/robbery charges

If you or someone you know is under investigation, has been arrested, or has received a citation or summons, contact Buckvar & Buckvar at 212-962-2173 or by using our online form for your FREE consultation.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in New York City

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, and are wondering what's going to happen. Will you go to jail or prison for several years? How will you pay the fines? What will you tell your family and friends?

At Buckvar & Buckvar, we will do everything in our power to help you receive the just legal outcome you deserve. We will present compelling oral and written arguments in court, fearlessly negotiate with prosecutors, and turn over every stone we can to make sure you receive a favorable legal outcome.

Don't Try to Represent Yourself

This is your legal right, and you always see someone doing it locally on television, but it doesn't work. While you may know a little about the law and legal procedure, your common sense will tell you that you just cannot effectively represent yourself as well as someone who's been doing it for decades.

At Buckvar & Buckvar, we have more than 50 years of combined experience as personal injury lawyers in the New York City area. With our knowledge and skills, we have the ability to help you receive the just legal outcome you deserve. We may be able to help you plead guilty to reduced charges, or we may help you avoid being guilty of any charges at all.

But, we can't tell you how we can help you until you let us know the unique circumstance of our case. We offer FREE consultations - if you are facing minor or serious criminal charges, contact us at 212-962-2173 or use our online form, and let us know the details of your case.

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