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False Arrest and Prison Abuse Lawyers New York

Are You a Victim of False Arrest or Prison Abuse?

Legal authority figures do their best to uphold the law. But sometimes, the very officials put in place to protect you physically harm or use too much force when it simply isn't necessary. Other times, they misuse their legal authority and stop you without justification, perform an illegal search and seizure, physically abuse you while in prison, or even arrest you falsely.

Fortunately, Attorneys Morton & Eric Buckvar, who have more than 50 years of combined experience successfully defending the rights of false arrest and prison abuse victims like you, are here to help you receive the just legal outcome you deserve. For a 100% FREE consultation to discuss the details of your case, contact us at 212-962-2173.

Crusading On Your Behalf

Any case that goes to court has a number of complexities, but cases involving false arrest or abuse while in prison are particularly complicated. At Buckvar & Buckvar, we have thorough knowledge of proper police procedure and your civil rights. We know exactly which behaviors lie outside the authority granted to New York City police.

If you are a victim of false arrest or prison abuse, it's important to contact us immediately. We will thoroughly investigate police reports, have extensive discussions with witnesses, and review any evidence gathered at the scene of the incident. You can count on us to tirelessly advocate for all of your rights in court and help you receive the just legal outcome you deserve.

Legal Authorities Have to Obey the Law Too

If you are arrested or detained by an officer, they might put on an air of superiority. While their job is to enforce the law, they have certain legalities and processes they have to follow too. Some types of misconduct police officers or other law enforcement officials may engage in include:

  • Using excessive force while performing an arrest, whether or not the arrest is legal
  • False arrest or false imprisonment without probable cause
  • Other misconduct leading to physical or psychological harm
  • Unwarranted excessive force, prisoner abuse, or abusive treatment by a prison guard
  • Denial of necessary medical treatment towards incarcerated individuals

Buckvar & Buckvar – New York City False Arrest Lawyers

Most of the time, you can expect the legal authorities to do the right thing. But sometimes, blinded by their desire to stand up for what is right, they become excessively aggressive or fail to follow proper procedure.

In these situations, your rights might be legally violated. When these difficulties happen, you need a powerful ally on your side. You've seen the individuals on television who choose to represent themselves in court, but do you think they know more about the law than an experienced lawyer?

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the false arrest and prison abuse lawyers at Buckvar & Buckvar have the skills necessary to help you receive the just legal outcome you deserve. If you believe you have been falsely arrested or physically abused by guards while in prison, contact us at 212-962-2173 or use our online form.

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