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Law Practice Areas

Practice Areas

With over 50 years of combined experience, Attorneys Morton & Eric Buckvar possess the knowledge and skills necessary to help you receive a fair legal outcome. We specialize in helping criminal defense and personal injury clients throughout the New York City area. Our areas of practice include:

Slip & Fall

We handle cases that result from negligence. If you have fallen do to the negligence from a person or a company we can help you achieve a successful outcome to your legal case...


False Arrest or Prison Abuse

If you have been falsely arrested, or worse yet, falsely imprisoned and have suffered abuse as a result, you need to call us today so that we can get underway with getting you justice for your suffering...


Wrongful Death

When the subject matter is wrongful death you need a lawyer who is part investigator to handle the case. At Buckvar and Buckvar we have just this type of attorney. Call us today to get help with your wrongful death case...


Car Accidents

We can represent you in your legal case. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers and we can help you to get a successful outcome...


Criminal Defense

Criminal charges seriously jeopardize your quality of life. You may lose your job, face a sentence of several years, and have your reputation ruined among your family and...



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