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Article - New York State Trial Lawyers "Bill of Particulars", Vol. 1, 2016, Justice For The Living And The Dead: Inheritance, Disqualification, Deadbeats, Gallivanters, Killers, And Wrongful Death Actions, by Eric Buckvar

You represent the estate of a decedent in a wrongful death action, and after a long, hard slog fighting in the trenches, you recovered, by verdict or settlement, a fair award.  The only thing you have to do now is compromise the action, either doing the two-step process in Supreme Court and then Surrogate’s Court, or just Surrogate’s Court alone.  While you grumble that you will be doing estate work, usually gratis, you are reassured that the work is perfunctory and will not involve litigation.  And then you remember the estranged distributee who comes to you with his or her hand out, even though he or she did not assist your case, or, sometimes, even know of the family member’s death until other family members contacted you to retain you.  Of course, the person now wants to take money from the estate.   You will have to litigate against that person – for free, usually.  The following is a short guide for this situation... read the article.
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Eric Buckvar Mentioned in the New York Post for Assisting Torres Family in Suit for Improper Prescription Medication

Adrien Hernandez, 7, son of 31-year-old Christina Torres, was given the incorrect prescription medication.  Instead of receiving generic Ritalin, the boy was given a potentially lethal dose of synthetic heroin.  Attorney Eric Buckvar is helping the family seek an unspecified amount in damages and is quoted in the New York Post…read the full story

Eric Buckvar Helps Family Settle Lawsuit for $1.2 million

Brandon Jackson, 29, died in an upstate boot-camp-style detention center, after being incarcerated there for selling heroin.  The 270-pound man, who also had an enlarged heart, died of heatstroke.  “I am pleased with the settlement and especially with the fact that, out of this tragedy, some good may come,” said Eric Buckvar….read the full story

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